We want happy customers that feel better about their dreams
and learn about themselves too.

Hi! I’m Miguel Puga.
I want to help people find and fully understand their brand or idea and create an image that works for them. I will learn and understand about my clients and give them a way to project their need or use in a clear and visually compelling way.

Personally, I’m a San Antonio native who’s been around the world and have happily ended up back home. Still, I think of places I might go, and dream about what else is out there that I’ve never seen. I studied graphic design at Schreiner University and have spent the last few years working with a print shop to know both parts of what it takes to make good design and good products.

Our Values

We’ll take the time to look at who your target is, where they are, what will they think. We’ll sip a cup of coffee and think about who your peers are and see how we can differentiate and do you better.

When we start these big projects, we’ll talk. There’s a lot on your mind and it’s all got to come across in the work we do. I’ll feel best when you feel we’re both on the same page.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or maybe a thousand words is what you need. Either way, I’ll explore all the ways we can get to where you want to go with your message.